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Inside a work hub

WORKHUBS Network is a partner of Live Work Network. We help clients to establish tailor-made business ‘hubs’ for micro-businesses, especially home-based and live/work businesses.

We offer developers, local authorities, regional development agencies and regeneration partnerships expert advice to help them set up:
· shared facilities in attractive communal areas
· projects that bring together and support previously isolated/fragmented micro businesses, especially those based at home

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live/work businesses need to collaborate

We offer consultancy services to enable local authorities, business support agencies, RDAs and live/work developers to create effective home based business hubs - and human networking projects to run them

These 'workhubs' can either be based in existing appropriate facilities or in new developments such as live/work schemes

We can advise o­n:
· where a workhub should be located
· who should run it
· group constitutions
· access to funding
· the best kind of website and email news systems
· appropriate staffing or voluntary support
· outputs systems to track impact and prove worth
· ways to gather members and make home based businesses visible
· shared buying power
· effective ways to consult without 'survey fatigue'
· systems to maximise members' profitability and collaborative working 

facilities encourage networking

Think Workhubs Network can help you to establish and support either:
· a live/work development hub facility or
· a network of home based businesses with some shared facilities?


Then email Workhubs director Tim Dwelly or call him o­n 01736 333073


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