RAINES DAIRY (Peabody Trust)

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Peabody Trust

Stoke Newington, north London

Due for completion Autumn 2003

8 live/work flats, incorporating studio workspace o­n the ground floor of a multi-storey block of 53 shared ownership flats. Each unit has a separate workroom fronting o­nto a busy street.
tenure: long leasehold at full market value

Peabody Development Finance, Housing Corporation SHG for shared ownership flats

Micro businesses from across London, Stoke Newington has many craft businesses.

Live/work leases have been drafted with no particular constraint o­n sales or assignment to preserve live/work uses. Site has no particular logic as live/work, it is provided essentially as a planning condition to retain some employment use o­n site. Modular construction project is delivering high quality of internal finish. This addresses key concern of live/workers at Peabody Trust's first site at West Ferry, where high internal fit out costs proved a major hurdle

'This is an example of development-driven live/work, where the success of the scheme as a location for live/work will be essentially a happy accident. Principled resistance to planning pressure for live/work or employment uses could have made a point but remains very difficult under current UDP - where employment sites are protected and their release to residential resisted. Indeed the scheme application received strong resistance from Renaisi, the council's economic development advisers, as a site suitable for provision of traditional light industrial sheds for local businesses. Clearer guidance from central government o­n housing use priority may avoid fig leaf uses like this,' says David Tannahill, head of commercial initiatives

David Tannahill, Peabody Trust

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