BEDZED (Peabody Trust)

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Peabody Trust

Beddington, London Broiugh of Sutton

Completed July 2003 - first residents moved in March 2002

82 mixed tenure homes, 1600 square metres office and community space, nursery, clubhouse and outside sports area

Long leases for sale for profit

Peabody Trust Development Finance

Environmental consultants BioRegional Development Group, architect Bill Dunster, Sutton council granted land at less than market value because of green design, but not partners in live/work

No clear target at time of design - so far this has proved a weakness for live/work at the site

Award-winning eco-housing project, with high energy efficiency, including devices for water saving and photovoltaic solar panels to use heat and convert energy into electricity. 'Our original planning consents restricted residential use to a gallery over a work space. When 10 failed to sell under this consent, a more open consent was sought. When these failed to sell, a residential consent was obtained - to enable them to be bought under residential rather than commercial mortgages. In Clerkenwell, Camden or any City fringe site or Croydon itself, this offer would have sold like hot bricks 'but in this part of suburban Sutton the offer of working from home has not taken off' says David Tannahill. Peabody commercial initiatives director

David Tannahill, Head of Commercial Initiatives, Peabody Trust:,

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