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This website enables you to find the information you need on live/work by subject. You will not need to hunt hard for relevant material.

If you go to news, you will see that items are categorised by topics. You can view others news items - and briefings - by topic subject. For example, you may wish to see items o­n planning, or home working as part of the wider live/work subject

Whether you are a developer, planner, architect, regeneration manager, policy maker or live/work resident - we have tailored information to your needs

The search facility also allows you to focus o­n different parts of the website. This will enable flexibility and accuracy as the site grows.

Perhaps the most extensive infomation is available in the live/work briefings section. There are also a growing number of case studies on live/work developments.

When you log in as a member, you can establish your live/work preferences to get rapid access to information you most need . When you register please give us full details of what you do to help us with this

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