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Live Work Network's website exists to facilitate access to information o­n live/work for all our members

We post news about what's happening in the world of live/work property regularly

We add briefings o­n subjects related to live/work we know (or you tell us) are important

We add case studies about live/work giving at-a-glance information o­n live/work development schemes around the UK as we get them. Please tell us if you want us to cover your scheme

We have a good practice checklist for developing effective live/work property schemes. This area is constantly updated as we learn more

We post events relevant to live/work when we hear of them. These will include our own live/work conferences but we welcome your suggestions o­n any relevant topic

We offer a true live/workTM mark for schemes, assessing their ability to deliver genuine work use and offer a good standard of accommodation

We offer consultancy services on live/work in addition to network membership. Do ask us if you want to know more about this

This website is designed to evolve as members tell us what they need. You can make suggestions now

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