West Somerset wants more workspace in live/work

The majority of floorspace in new live/work units should be earmarked for employment, according to the draft plan for West Somerset.

The blueprint, which is due to undergo a public examination in the autumn, states that a majority of the floorspace ‘properly designed work/live accommodation’ should be earmarkef for employment use.

But the policy strikes a favourable tone on live/work units, stating that they are a ‘legitimate form of employment accommodation’ which should attract small scale high value businesses to the district.

In conjunction with super-fast broadband, the units should become 'a valuable element of business premises in the district’. But it says that like other residential accommodation, they should be located in or adjacent to existing settlements. And in line with common practice across councils, it states that work and live uses should be integrated so that they cannot be split up and used separately.

Work/live development may also be created through the conversion of traditional building in the open countryside.

View submission draft: 


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