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Artists' live/work   Popular

London artists' live/work source
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 3643 | [
Report broken link to Artists' live/work | Details of Artists' live/work


Bed Zed   Popular

award winning low energy scheme in Sutton, London
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 1919 | [
Report broken link to Bed Zed | Details of Bed Zed


Electric Wharf   Popular

Electric Wharf mixed use live/work scheme, Coventry
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 1911 | [
Report broken link to Electric Wharf | Details of Electric Wharf


EU funds live/work   Popular

EU funds East Thames Housing Group and Samuel Lewis Housing Trust to develop live/work in Tower Hamlets
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 3402 | [
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Gainsborough Studios   Popular

Former film studios converted to live/work scheme with cafe
Added on: 13-Nov-2003 | hits: 4818 | [
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Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds   Popular

Urban regeneration area targeting digital and creative media sectors

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Added on: 23-Jan-2007 | hits: 1784 | [
Report broken link to Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds | Details of Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds


Huddersfield Media Centre   Popular

A leading creative business cluster centre that services live/workers in the adjacent Creative Lofts scheme
Added on: 19-Nov-2003 | hits: 2164 | [
Report broken link to Huddersfield Media Centre | Details of Huddersfield Media Centre


Ingress Park Kent   Popular

Scheme near Dartford including live/work - hailed by CABE as a model mixed use development
Added on: 13-Nov-2003 | hits: 3982 | [
Report broken link to Ingress Park Kent | Details of Ingress Park Kent


Lake District   Popular

live/work proposal
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 2519 | [
Report broken link to Lake District | Details of Lake District


Leeds e-HQ   Popular

district includes live/work
Added on: 10-Nov-2003 | hits: 2657 | [
Report broken link to Leeds e-HQ | Details of Leeds e-HQ


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